Sharing my favorite tools to improve your digital marketing skills and make your small business or startup a success

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Digital marketing is a process of defining a target audience. The process surrounding all marketing strategies which requires a digital medium or the internet. The digital channels which include search engines, social media, email, and other websites are used to connect with potential customers.

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Copywriting is a stress-free writing job you need right now. Sharing my knowledge and tips to help you improve.

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‘Copy’ Writing

Copywriting is about writing a particular text called “Copy” which is used for the purpose of advertising or other marketing strategies. It is all about solving a problem for your reader by making it easy to read and understand. It compels your reader to take a particular action for the…

Start this new decade with five of the most current and hot trends of 2020 to get you inspired and motivated.

2019 was a great year for designs, with a lot of people choosing their path towards creativity. We saw a lot of new trends emerging and dominating this year too. With the latest software and technology, these trends are expanding and getting improved upon by creative minds. …

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